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  • Professional supervision or mentoring is a process of guiding individuals to increase their efficiency and productivity in the workplace. The skilled team at Neuroscience Specialists offers expert care for a wide range of brain and spine conditions in Oklahoma City, OK. We also provide specialized aftercare and rehabilitation to improve outcomes. Contact our office for an appointment today.

What is Professional Supervision/Mentoring?

Professional supervision or mentoring is offered to those who wish to increase their efficiency and productivity in the workplace. It is meant for anyone holding any type of position who wants to improve his/her effectiveness at work. Lack of supervision could lead to emotional difficulties, feeling unappreciated, being defensive, increased absence from work and conflicts with co-workers.

While supervision involves overseeing specific tasks to ensure optimal performance, mentoring is a teaching-learning relationship built with a professional to expand one’s knowledge and enhance progression in your career.

Your supervisor works out goals, which are reviewed periodically to assess improvement. Mentoring gives you an opportunity to review the way you work and your feelings about work such as frustration, anxiety or boredom, in complete confidence. You receive feedback and guidance on work-related issues, decision making and the development of skills, such as time management, avoiding procrastination, managing professional relationships and problem-solving. You are taught to be self-aware, competent and ethical. A non-judgmental and qualified perspective along with the support is offered whether you succeed or fail in your goals.