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Peripheral nervous conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome can seriously impact quality of life in the modern world. Consult with our experts to review your treatment options.

Symptoms of peripheral nerve conditions can present differently depending on the person. Factors such as location, severity and the type of condition can also cause symptoms to vary.

Muscles, tendons and ligaments connect bones in the hands and feet. They make it possible for you to be active, to walk, write, type, grip, etc. Significant pain and other issues can be caused by peripheral nerve conditions brought on degenerative conditions or injuries.

Peripheral Nerve Conditions

Neuroscience Specialists offers a wide range of peripheral nerve treatment options. With a diagnosis from our team of doctors, we can better understand the type of treatment or surgery you require for lasting relief from conditions affecting the peripheral nervous system. From consultation to recovery, whether your best option is a conservative, non-surgical approach or surgery, you’re in good hands with us.