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The history of neurosurgery in Oklahoma began with Dr. Harry Wilkins in 1946 who became the first professor of neurosurgery at the University of Oklahoma.

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A.C. Lisle, M.D., the founding partner of Neuroscience Specialists, had the honor of becoming the first medical corporation in the State of Oklahoma. Dr. B.J. Rutledge joined Dr. Lisle as a partner four years later. In 1954 Don Rhinehart M.D. joined to make the company a three man practice. Consequently, many partners have been added: Stan Pelofsky, M.D. in 1973, Glenn Schoenhals, M.D. in 1978, Stephen Cagle, M.D. in 1979, Douglas Polk, M.D. in 1980, Robert Remondino, M.D. in 1987, Eric Friedman, M.D. in 1994, Michael Hahn, M.D. in 1998, Robert Tibbs, M.D. in 2001, Robert Wienecke, M.D. in 2004, Benjamin White, M.D. in 2007, Brian Snell M.D., and Fadi Nasr, M.D. in 2008, and J. Bridger Cox, M.D. in 2014.