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Wrist Pain & Carpal Syndrome- How They Are Related?
Wrist Pain & Carpal Syndrome- How They Are Related?

Your fingertips fly across the keyboard and blast off notes, messages, ideas, summaries and updates. Those amazing typing skills are perfect for you. But, if you feel that tremendous pain in your wrist, you might have to look for carpal tunnel treatment options.

Typing and Pain

The use of a machine is not in and of itself painful. But if you have any underlying issues with your joints or skeletal structure, all those repeated keystrokes can tip the scales toward pain.

Popular underlying problems include prior fractures, osteoarthritis, and slight changes in spine curve or limb alignment due to ageing.

If you have these types of stuff going on, you will get symptoms worse on your hands over and over. Damage can cause pain to any part of your wrist and impair your ability to use your hand or wrist.

Causes of the Pain

  • Impacts which are unexpected. Wrist injuries can take place if you fall onto your extended hand. This could result in strains, sprains, and fractures as well. A scaphoid fracture requires a wrist-side bone at the thumb. The form of fracture cannot appear immediately after the injury on X-rays.

  • Against pain. Any activity involving repetitive wrist movement — from hitting a tennis ball or bowing a cello to cross-country driving — can lead to inflaming of the adjoining tissues around the joints or and can also lead to fracture due to stress, particularly if you conduct the movement without a break for hours on end. De Quervain's disease is a chronic stress disorder, causing discomfort at the thumb base.

Risk Factors

Whether you're very active, very sedentary in between these two, wrist pain can happen to anyone. But this can increase the risk by:

  • Participation in sports. For certain sports, wrists injuries are normal, both those involving an effect and that involving repeated wrist stress. This can include football, basketball, golf, gymnastics, tennis, and snowboarding.

  • Repeat work. Nearly any operation involving your hands and wrists — including knitting and cutting hair — can lead to debilitating wrist pain if done aggressively enough and frequently enough.

  • Many diseases or disorders. You can develop the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome with diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis.

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