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When Do You Need Medical Help for Low Back Pain?
When Do You Need Medical Help for Low Back Pain?

If your lower back does not reduce within two weeks or the symptoms are increasing, you should seek medical care. Your back pain specialist will help you to identify the source pain and determine the right treatment process.

The Causes of Low Back Pain

There could be underlying and unidentified reasons behind getting back pain, but often no specific cause is recognized by the patient. Here we will analyze several aspects of lower back pain and treatment by a back pain doctor. See here causes, symptoms and treatment of back pain.

Lower back pain is one of the second causes people to miss their working days at the office. It is also one of the major reasons people visit a doctor or an emergency room in a hospital. This the second most neurologic problem Americans suffer, right after the headache.

People who suffer from nerve irritation will get their symptoms improved when there is no treatment. When the back pain is present for less than one month, this is acute and when it lasts for a prolonged period, that is chronic pain.

Low Back Pain Symptoms and Signs

Pain felt in the lumbosacral area is one of the major signs of lower back pain. This pain radiates down the front, back or side part of the leg or it can only be felt in the lower back. Physical activities can worsen pain. While sleeping, sitting in a car or at a desk for a long time this pain can increase.

That affected leg part will be numb or weak that gets the nerve supply from a compressed nerve. It makes the plantarflex of the foot incapable to move. That means you would not be able to stand or your toes and keep the foot downward. It happens when the first sacral nerve is injured or compressed. If your fifth lumbar nerve is injured, you would not be able to up your big toe.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Physical help to strengthen the muscles and makes the joints flexible and mobile and gives better support to the spine. All results in less painful movements.

Massage therapy helps in muscle relaxation, relieves tense muscles and spasms that contribute to lower back pain.

Pain-relieving medications help in the way the brain interacts with the pain signals and it reduces the back pain. One should take opioid pain medications only for acute pain and for a short time as they are not addictive.

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**Information presented here is not intended to be qualified medical advice. Nothing expressed herein creates a doctor-patient relationship.