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Ways to Heal Your Neck Pain Caused by Mobile Phones
Ways to Heal Your Neck Pain Caused by Mobile Phones

Mobile phones in numerous ways have changed our lives – many are good, others are not so good. In addition to this not so good group, several neurosurgeons add a new element: text neck. The doctors say that a growing number of patients are complaining of upper back and neck pain, and many are diagnosing it as a "Text Neck." See what neck and pain doctors have to say about it.

Text Neck Syndrome Signs

Symptoms of typical text neck" are:

  • Upper back pain from recurrent stroke to badly weakened muscles.

  • Pain and pressure on the elbow.

  • If the cervical nerve is pinched, discomfort is seen and perhaps trembling and engulfing radiates down to the hand of the arm.

Tips to Eliminate Text Neck Symptoms

Symptoms can be minimized by:

  • Keep your mobile at the stage of the eye.

  • Take screen breaks regularly.

  • Position the computer screen of your office so your head squarely fits the back and shoulders.

It is definitely more linked than ever that Americans are. The average Americans users spend about 2.5 hours a day or 72 hours a month on smartphones and tablets, according to ComScore. The challenge is to see your phone actually and figuratively may be a pain in your throat.

You saw those people: neck strained at a distracting angle, shoulder struck, squirting on the screen while texting. The posture with our smartphones is most often connected, and can lead to pain of the neck. It is important to talk to a neck pain specialist in this regard.

Why Does this Happen?

It places a lot of extra tension on your cervical spine when you bend your head to text or browse. Really you can put pressure up to 60 pounds on your back to look at your smartphone. Even a 15-degree head tilt will raise the pressure by around 27 pounds. It is not normal to carry, and the build-up of the supplementary force can cause irregular spinal and soft tissue stress.

Here are some tips for avoiding smartphones' neck pain

Look Forward

Take the system to the level of the eye. This decreases your neck bending and keeps your spinal alignment optimum. Look down with your eyes instead of your neck when your screen is below the eye level.

Check for Posture

Many neck and back doctors ask to make an effort to keep the curve in the lower back while you sit and use your laptop. Try finding the supporting chair and the surface to rest your arm on if you need to use your devices for a long period of time. Do not use your mobile with the neck rotated to one side of your body, or crack the phone between your ear and shoulder.

Time for Break

Often take micro breaks and stretch and move your back and neck. Book 20-minute sessions on your mobile. Instead of wasting a long time texting, try making a call.

Call Neuroscience Specialist in OKC to book your schedule without delay. Our neck pain specialist can provide you with the right treatment for healing the serious pain.

**Disclaimer- Information presented here is not intended to be qualified medical advice. Nothing expressed herein creates a doctor-patient relationship.