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Neck Pain Causes and Treatments
Neck Pain Causes and Treatments

Neck is a part of spinal column and it consists of seven bones those are C1 to C7 of vertebrae. Bones are separated by intervertebral discs.

Causes of Neck Pain

Disc degeneration, narrow spinal canal, cancer or meningitis in a few rare cases can cause serious problems for which you may need to visit a neck pain specialist. Other common causes of neck injury are –

  • Head injury or blow

  • Fever and headache

  • Stiff neck prevents to touch chest

  • Pain shooting down an arm

  • Tingling, numbness in the hands

  • Neck pain with leg weakness

  • Over the counter medicine does not help

Poor posture, age, injury or other diseases also can cause neck pain. Sudden injury to neck can cause disc herniation, ruptured blood vessels, vertebral injury, whiplash etc. Even a severe injury can cause permanent paralysis. Herniated disc can narrow spinal canals and cause pain in arm and the neck.

Consulting a Doctor

  • severe neck pain

  • lump in the neck

  • fever

  • headache

  • swollen glands

  • nausea

  • vomiting

  • trouble swallowing or breathing

  • weakness

  • numbness


  • Radiating pain down the arms and legs

  • hands and arms do not move

  • Chin fails to touch chest

  • bladder or bowel dysfunction

Treating Neck Pain

The neck and spine doctor will do a physical test and know the entire medical history. Tell all the symptoms to the doctor. Let the doctor know about the prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine. Only a correct diagnosis helps treat the neck pain. Additionally you need blood tests, x-rays, CT and MRI scans, lumbar puncture, electromyography to determine the cause of the neck pain.

Neck pain treatment may include ice and heat compression, exercise, stretching, pain medication, neck collar, traction, antibiotics for infection, surgery if needed. Contact a neck pain specialist in OKC. At Neuroscience Specialists we will help you to get rid of the neck pain at the earliest.

**Disclaimer- Information presented here is not intended to be qualified medical advice. Nothing expressed herein creates a doctor-patient relationship.