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Managing Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain the Right Way
Managing Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain the Right Way

When it comes to treating carpal tunnel syndrome, there are various treatment options. Your doctor will perform a physical examination to determine the feeling in your fingers. so that he/she can decide which carpal tunnel treatment option will suit your needs. To get relief on your own, try to take frequent breaks to rest your hand and apply cold packs to reduce the inflammation and swelling. Read on to learn the details about such syndrome.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Weakness in your hand

  • Burning pain in your palm and thumb

  • Unable to grip objects

  • Numbness in your thumb, middle and index fingers.

Treatment Options

Carpal tunnel treatment options include both non-surgical and surgical methods. When the symptoms are identified early, non-surgical treatment options can help you relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. These include –


Pain management medications such as anti-inflammatory aspirin and ibuprofen can reduce your soreness and swelling.


In many circumstances, your doctor may recommend a corticosteroid injection. Corticosteroids are effective in decreasing inflammation and swelling. This will relieve pressure on your median nerve.

Splinting or Wrist Brace

A splint can hold your wrist still and provide necessary support to both your wrists and fingers while you sleep. Wrist braces offer an effective result against tingling and numbness.


Surgery is the right option when your symptoms fail to respond to other treatments. In a carpal tunnel surgery, the surgeon will cut through the ligament that was putting pressure in the median nerve. It’s also important to discuss risks and benefits of the process before the procedure begins. Ask your surgeon who has decided your carpal tunnel treatment option.

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**Disclaimer- Information presented here is not intended to be qualified medical advice. Nothing expressed herein creates a doctor-patient relationship.