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Low Back Pain – Causes and Treatments
Low Back Pain – Causes and Treatments

A chronic back pain is the condition that affects almost 31 million of in the United States. This is being considered as one of the aggravating conditions it makes people suffer in their life, according to the orthopedic doctors for back pain. This is one of the most common reasons of disability worldwide. Here we will explore the common causes, risks and treatment and prevention here in this article.

The Common Medical Conditions Causing Back Pain

Spinal Arthritis

Arthritis causes immense pain in body and makes the joints stiff. Since the back is not immune to this disease, people get chronic pain in their back. Spinal arthritis causes is still unknown but there are few factors that contribute to the severity. The age, sex, trauma, obesity, genetic predisposition and cartilage loss in the joints are considered to be the contributing factors.


Sciatica is a kind of disorder where shooting pain travels through the backside or glutes and reaches the legs. It is rare to see both of the legs affected. This pain occurs when the spinal discs are damaged or they compress a nerve.

Herniated Disc

Every disc of the spine has different purpose and they must be in peak of their functionality so the spine and your back can work well. When a disc bulges out that is called slipped disc or bulging disc or herniated disc. Though it is common in lower back, still it can be found in the neck and upper back but rare.

Other Causes of Back Pain

Wrong lifting technique of heavy objects can pull the muscles and causes muscle strain. This can also lead to wear and tear to the spine and cause chronic back pain.

Because of activities since their early days, many people get back pain after their 40s.

Depression and anxiety are the latest additions to the back pain causes. If you are under these mental conditions and have back pain talk to your doctors.

No or less physical activities deteriorate the bones along with the tendons. Any regular physical activity can make your muscles strong and back pain away.

Obesity can strain the muscles and cause back pain.

Previous accidents or traumas or old injuries may live with you causing chronic back pain. You may not avoid these conditions but follow your doctors’ instructions and try to keep your body strong.


You can prevent, avoid or stop recurrence of back pain if you have the right preventive measures.

  • Exercise – Do low-intense aerobic exercises as these are easy for the back do not strain the spine. It also increases the strength and backside endurance. All in together will help the back to function better.

  • Build muscle strength and flexibility - Following abdominal exercises along with back muscles you can make your core strong. Condition the muscles with the exercises that it works as a natural corset. It will also make the hips and the legs flexible and align the pelvic bones to the back.

  • Have the right weight according to your body and height.

  • Stop smoking, it can worsen the condition.

  • You should follow the right sitting, standing and lifting techniques. Incorporating the right techniques in your daily life will keep you away from back pain. Talk to your orthopedic doctors for the right techniques to help yourself.

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**Information presented here is not intended to be qualified medical advice. Nothing expressed herein creates a doctor-patient relationship.