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Know the Doctors Well Who help in Brain Tumor
Know the Doctors Well Who help in Brain Tumor

If a brain tumor has been diagnosed in you or a loved one, you may want to see what the treatment alternatives are and what the future holds. One of the few neuro-oncologists to be present in Oklahoma is the Neuroscience Specialists. This specialist in neurology focuses on nervous system cancers, including the brain and backbone.

Advanced Brain Tumor Diagnosis

The first step towards proper treatment is a precise diagnosis. Include our diagnostic tests:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Surgical techniques allow for analytical removal of part or whole of the tumor.
  • Molecular pathology examines genetic mutations which can be treated as a molecular composition of the tumor. It also helps us to find out whether you are eligible for a clinical trial.
  • FMRI or functional MRI locates brain language and/or motor functions

Doctors’ Board for Brain Tumor

A cancer board and brain tumor specialists discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan of each patient. There are many doctors trained in their fields on the tumor board:

  • Neurosurgeons are brain surgeon specialists.
  • Oncologist radiation planning treatments for radiation therapy.
  • Chemotherapy specialists and other medications for brain tumors are neuro-oncologists.
  • The imagery of brain tumors is performed by neuroradiologists.
  • Neuropathologists are specialized in the diagnosis of tumors of the brain and backbone.
  • The Coordinator of Clinical Trials helps to manage clinical research participation.

Regional Leaders for the Surgery

We have excellent expertise in brain function monitoring during surgery, so that neurological function can be maintained.

During brain surgery, we conduct intraoperative navigation and intraoperative functional monitoring. This technique allows us to protect the areas of the spoken and moving brain.

Minimally Invasive Brain Tumor Operation

We use minimally invasive tumor removal procedures whenever possible. Effective monitoring of the operation helps us navigate surgical instruments safely in close proximity to sensitive brain structures.

Custom Treatment Plan

Each patient is unique, we believe. For this reason, our brain tumor specialists cooperate with everyone and their families to create a comprehensive plan for optimal treatment and improved life quality. When considering treatment options, our doctors take the following into account:

  • Age
  • General health
  • Location, size and type of tumor
  • Risk factor

The Following Experts Are Part of Our Team:

  • Oncologists from Neurosurgical Sciences: neurosurgeons trained in the fields of treatment for brain and spine tumors.Neuro-oncologists: specialists of neurologists for the diagnosis and treatment of brain or neuro system cancers and chemotherapy for patients
  • Medical oncologists: doctors with advanced chemotherapies medical know-how.
  • Oncologist for radiation: physicians who plan to treat cancer patients with radiation.
  • Neuroradiologist: medical practitioners trained interpret advanced brain and spinal imaging studies.
  • Neuropathologists: special interest pathologists with special knowledge about brain and spine tumours;
  • Medical physicists: experts in sophisticated radiation technology
  • Practitioners and nurses
  • Nurses

Visit us at Neuroscience Specialists for neuro-oncologists. Reach us here for any neurological and spine issues for an example carpal tunnel syndrome.

**Disclaimer- Information presented here is not intended to be qualified medical advice. Nothing expressed herein creates a doctor-patient relationship.