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How Scoliosis Can Lead to Breath Shortness
How Scoliosis Can Lead to Breath Shortness

The concern related to scoliosis is real and genuine. It is a medical condition where the spine has a curve. There is different type of scoliosis from mild to severe. If anyone has scoliosis with a mild curve, then it is generally not a problem. But, with severe type, there can be different types of symptoms. Shortage of breath is one of the common disorders among children or adults who have scoliosis. You need to contact a scoliosis specialist to check the actual condition of the curve.

Shortness of Breath- How It Is Related to Scoliosis

There are different research studies that have shown that scoliosis is a major cause of breath shortness. The reason behind is the lung restriction due to the curve. When there is a curve in the spinal cord, the lung does not get enough oxygen that it should. Gradually, several symptoms may come up that show the lungs are getting affected due to the curve in the spinal cord.

Key Tests That Need to Be Done

  • Testing is done to understand the air in and out capacity of the lung of the patients. It also helps to determine the stiffness of the chest wall. Physical tests are done to find out the condition.

  • Lung function is measured. It is also called pulmonary functions. The tests are done in pulmonary function lab. This test determines whether you need surgery.

How It Can Affect Breathing

When scoliosis occurs among the children who are below 5 years age, breathing problems get severe with age. Sometimes, the curvy spine may disappear with their age. However, when it does not get healed by its own, proper treatment is required.

You can visit Neuroscience Specialist to get all the required treatment for scoliosis. A prolonged treatment can help to heal this disease and the patient can lead a normal life without any fear of breath shortness.

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