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How Can Cold Weather Effect Scoliosis?
How Can Cold Weather Effect Scoliosis?

While there is little scientific evidence that weather changes amplify chronic pain, certain correlations are found. For example patients with joint pain report that cold and damp weather intensify their symptoms. In one study, 67% of osteoarthritis patients believe that the weather increases pain. Similar results have been found in another study of persons with chronic joint pain.

The probable cause of cold pain is because your muscle and ligaments are not warm and loose as they are in warm weather. If the human body is cold then all these tissues become more painful and make movement worse in areas affected by arthritis. Winter does not make the symptoms worse. It leads to conditions when any patient is more likely to be less moving and more painful. When your pain condition is worse in winter, consult a scoliosis specialist.

Therefore, the patients report about scoliosis pain more in winter. A disproportionate body weight is caused by unusual spinal curves of scoliosis which means that the joints of a side of the spine have a greater weight than those on the other. While the scientific findings are combined, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to show that changes in weather are linked to scoliosis pain. In autumn and winter some people describe their back pain with such words as "terrible," "agony," and "nightmare." Scoliosis is usually abnormally curved spinal cord in the form of S or C. It is most common in people between the ages of 9-15, women and people who have a scoliosis family history. It does not usually have a known cause, and the treatment depends on its severity. The body weight is unevenly distributed because of the abnormally curved spine. This means that there is more stress on one side of the spine than on the other and pain. There are many anecdotal signs that during cold weather this pain is intensified.

Ways to Help in Pain

Hot Water Bath

This is an easy way to alleviate pain. Swimming in a hot tub or even getting in a hot tub at least three times a week is a good way of avoiding scoliosis in winter. It helps to relax the muscle and relieves inflamed back areas.

Hot Packs

A hot pack or compression is a good idea to deal immediately with chronic scoliosis pain. You may even use a warm towel or any other type of heating pad as a replacement if you do not have a hot pack available. For about twenty minutes you must apply it in the painful region to relieve pain from the cold weather. Heat wraps can even be received today. They are a better option because their effect usually lasts 8 hours.

Epsom Bath Salt

This is a great way to get relief. Two tables of epsom salt may be added in your bath and stayed at least 15 minutes in there. Recall that the water should not be too hot. Epsom salt is a natural sulfate and magnesium-containing mineral. These ingredients have many health benefits, including reducing inflammation and removing your body toxins. They also help keep your muscle proper and never work.

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