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Good Habits to Release Severe Back Pain
Good Habits to Release Severe Back Pain

Stiff neck, swollen elbows, back pain and poor posture? If your work requires constant sitting then you may be like the thousands of sedentary employees generally referred to as WRMSDs (Work Associated Musculo-Skeletal Disorders) who experience everyday pain and discomfort. In the United States, it is estimated that WRMSDs account for more than 40% of all work-related ill health and though you have had a workstation assessment, there is still a fair risk that your back will suffer simply because you really don't think we are not made to sit still for hours on end and continue doing it. Too much pain can be dangerous if left untreated. Consult a back specialist as soon as possible if the pain is severe.

Prolonged repetitive work at the desk results in muscle and skeletal imbalances. Not only does this not look good by negatively impacting our attitude, it also induces physical discomfort in certain situations, and evidence also indicates that it can leads to other health issues such as diabetes. Ultimately, sitting for long periods puts pressure on our bodies, with some muscles shortened, causing joints to become rigid and even painful, while other muscles and tendons are exposed to excessive stresses and repeated strains. Good posture exercises you can actually do at your desk. What you should do?

Habits and Exercises That Can Help

  • Assess the workstation for any apparent issues.

  • Make sure you sit properly.

Above two are basic steps that need to be taken. These exercises, discussed here, are intended to help minimize the build-up of tight muscles and joints with the added advantage of helping with improved spinal alignment to maintain a healthy posture.

Off the workplace and beyond-

There are also some very basic steps that you can incorporate into your everyday routine to help combat the impact of your 9-5 sedentary desk job further.

  • The supermarket or even gym picks the furthest parking spot from the entrance when parking your car at work. Then just walk briskly to your destination.

  • Do not take the elevator and get on the stairs.

  • Instead of e-mailing or dialing your colleague's extension a few desks away, get up and go to see them.

  • Choose the printer that's farthest from your desk and send all of your prints there. It might not be far away but it is going to make you get up and walk.

  • Walk and converse! If you need to speak to a work colleague about matters why not do it on the move.

  • And lastly, drink more water. It will not only help to keep you hydrated but will also compel you to get up and go to the toilet!

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**Information presented here is not intended to be qualified medical advice. Nothing expressed herein creates a doctor-patient relationship.