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Choosing the Right Physician for Your Back Pain
Choosing the Right Physician for Your Back Pain

Spine procedures were mainly carried out by neurosurgeons several years ago. Today, however, either a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon is usually used for spinal surgery. And while both are extremely competent and professional for spinal cord surgery, there are a range of discrepancies that can be beneficial in choosing who to trust to handle and manage the back or neck pain.

Neurosurgeons- Who Are They?

Many assume that neurosurgeons are operating only in the brain. Although brain surgery is carried out, the majority of neurosurgeons procedures in the U.S. are spinal procedures today. That is because neurosurgeons in every region of the human nervous system specialized in surgery, including:

  • Brain

  • Spine and spinal cord, neck included

  • Muscles

A 5–7 residential program focused on diagnosing and treating neurological disorders both surgically as well as non-surgical,neurosurgeons who are either medical doctors or MD or doctors of osteopathic medicine (DO). The training periods cover a number of conditions, from head, neck and tailbone to comprehension of neck and back articulations.

In the lining of the spinal canal (dura) neurosurgeons have also been qualified for procedure. Neurosurgeons who wish to obtain further education can opt to study in spinal surgery, brain surgery, or both.

Surgery for Orthopedic Diseases

An orthopedic surgeon or orthopedic doctors for back pain is either an MD or a DO and has a special training course completed. They are trained in the entire skeletal structure, including the backbone, muscles, tendons and joints all over the body, and obtain expertise throughout a four- to five-year program. An orthopedic surgeon may choose to concentrate on a particular region of the body or specialize in fracture, joint operation or sports medicine.

Others will be able to concentrate their practice on the diagnosis and treatment of bone and joint disorders only on spinal cord surgery.

Choosing the Right Neurosurgeon for the Surgery

Doctors suggests first contacting your primary care physician when you encounter back and neck pain to address alternative causes and non-surgical alternatives to your back pain or nose pain. Your primary care physician will order photographs of your spine if the pain continues to help you make a diagnosis, including x-rays or MRI.

Once pictures are available, a neurosurgeon or surgeon who is skilled in spine surgery may be consulted. Don't be afraid to ask the surgeon questions about your experience, practice emphasis and any advisable procedures.

Doctors are expert in pain-reduction back and neck procedures. If you are in the Oklahoma region and you feel you have to be seen by a spinal expert, visit Neuroscience Specialist, and schedule an appointment with us without delay. Our orthopedic doctors for back pain can alleviate your pain with the right treatment.

**Disclaimer- Information presented here is not intended to be qualified medical advice. Nothing expressed herein creates a doctor-patient relationship.