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Brain Tumor Chemotherapy to Help You in Recovery
Brain Tumor Chemotherapy to Help You in Recovery

Anti-cancer (cytotoxic) medications are used for chemical therapy to kill cells of brain tumors. Medicines circulate in the bloodstream all over your body.

Some chemotherapy drugs can be difficult to treat brain tumors because the blood brain barrier protects the brain. This is a natural filter that protects the brain against harmful substances between the blood and the brain. If you are suspected with brain tumor visit the neuro-oncologist near you as soon as possible.

When to Have Brain Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy may be possible:

  • For some brain tumor types like gliomas (after surgery)

  • With and radiotherapy some months later

  • For recurring brain tumor

How Many Treatment Sessions?

Chemotherapy is usually performed in treatment cycles. That means you have medicines every few weeks for a few days. When you recover from side effects, there is a time with no treatment.

How often you receive treatment depends on the medications or medicines you have.

How Is the Treatment?

Chemotherapy for a brain or spinal cord tumor is available in different ways. A neuro oncologist may give you it by -

  • As a drip (intravenously) into your bloodstream

  • Intrathecal chemotherapy into your spinal cord;

  • In your brain directly

  • As Tablets (Oral Chemotherapy) Or Capsules You Swallow.

Chemotherapy for Brain Tumors

Anticancer medications are used for treating cancer (malignant) brain tumors in chemotherapy. Chemotherapy works in two ways to stop the development of the tumor:

  • Prevention of reproductive cancer cells (cytostatic chemotherapy medicines)

  • The normal cell death (cytototoxic chemotherapy) process begins artificially;

Why Do You Choose Us?

Our highly qualified health care professionals in brain cancer (chemotherapy specialists and brain tumor specialist) are trained in various chemotherapies to successfully treat brain tumors. They also have extensive experience in the application of chemotherapies. We concentrate on the effective treatment of your brain tumor and minimize the side effects of your life.


Our competent brain tumor specialists have board certification and fellowship education in neurology as well as brain tumor. In fact, many of them are considered leaders in the area of brain tumor chemotherapy. Your health care team incorporates into your care the most advanced therapies from your research and expertise, providing the best results possible.


Our clinical experts are looking for new chemotherapy medicines to help treat the brain tumor more effectively. Eligible patients will be able to study new chemotherapy medications for brain tumors in research study. Find out more about our clinical studies on brain tumors.

See us at Neuroscience Specialists in OKC to get the right treatment. We treat patients also for back pain, neck pain, neuro problems and more.

**Disclaimer- Information presented here is not intended to be qualified medical advice. Nothing expressed herein creates a doctor-patient relationship.