Privacy Notice


As a prospective patient of Neuroscience Specialists we are pleased to inform you of the following: In compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations Title 42, Volume 3, Section 489.3 defines a physician-owned hospital as any participating hospital (as defined in section 489.24) in which a physician, or their immediate family member, has an ownership or investment interest. The physicians of Neuroscience Specialists, PC are invested and have partial ownership in the following entities: Oklahoma Spine Hospital (OSH), Oklahoma Diagnostic Imaging (ODI), Compchoice, and Oklahoma Physical Therapy (OPT). A list of physician owners is available upon request. The physicians of Neuroscience Specialists make referrals to providers based only on the needs of the patient and the medical standard of care in order to provide quality health care to their patients. You have the right to choose the provider of your health care services. Therefore, you have the option to use health care facilities other than the ones listed above. You will not be treated differently by your physician if you choose to use different facilities. If desired, your physician can provide information about alternative providers. For those patients insured by either United Healthcare or Aetna and referred to receive medical care at OSH, understand that they have made an informed decision to seek medical treatment at a facility without a contractual agreement with their insurance carrier.