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Referred by her primary care physician, Betty came to Neuroscience Specialists and saw Dr. Fadi Nasr for the first time in September of 2008. At that time Dr. Nasr had recently joined Neuroscience Specialists after completing a spinal deformity and complex spine fellowship at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Betty had suffered from scoliosis, otherwise known as adult spinal deformity for many years. In September of 2008 Betty was at her wits end, she had endured all she could, the pain was debilitating, the activities she’d once enjoyed, she was no longer able to participate in, her quality of life had diminished significantly.
Betty underwent a long segment deformity correction surgery from T-1 to S-1, that is a total of 17 levels! Betty’s recover was amazing; functionally she exceeded both her and Dr. Nasr’s expectations. In a recent conversation, Betty told me about preoperative visit many years ago, when she asked “Dr. Nasr, so after the surgery, will I ever be able to Hula Hoop again?” Dr. Nasr replied, “If you do, I want to see it!” In September 2017, nine years after her first appointment, Betty sent Dr. Nasr this video. Yes, this is Betty; Hula Hopping at her family reunion when a relative captured this video on her phone. Today, she has no back pain and is functioning above and beyond what she ever anticipated was possible.
Often people that suffer from adult spinal deformity are told there is nothing that can be done for their condition. The physician’s at Neuroscience Specialists will evaluate each patient to determine his or her best course of treatment. Many patients benefit from conservative management, including anti-inflammatories and bracing. Other patients are surgical candidates and experience life changing surgeries. If you or someone you know is suffering from an adult spinal deformity condition, schedule a consultation with one of our physician’s today at 405-748-3300. Don’t resign yourself to suffering with a condition that can be significantly improved with treatment.
Betty’s personal post script: My back feels wonderful and a day never passes that I don’t thank God for Dr. Nasr and the Neuroscience staff for their skill and care.

Congratulations to Dr. Stan Pelofsky for receiving a prestigious Distinguished Lifetime Neurosurgical Service Award. Dr. Pelofsky was presented with this honor at the 2013 Council of State Neurosurgical Societies annual meeting in April.

Neuroscience Specialists is proud to have been a part of the 2012 Central Oklahoma, My Heart. My Life. Heart Walk®. Participants raised money and awareness for Oklahomas number one and number three killer by walking through Downtown Oklahoma City.


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Neuroscience Specialists is pleased to announce that Benjamin T. White, MD was the recipient of the “Outstanding Physician Consultant” award. This yearly honor is awarded to a specialty physician that has consistently provided excellent care to the patients of his peers within the Mercy network. From the staff of Neuroscience Specialists to you, CONGRATULATIONS, Dr. White!!!

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Recently our very own Doctor Robert Tibbs went to Uganda with Pros for Africa, to provide medical care to the underprivileged people in that region. KWTV News 9 Oklahoma City journalist Amy McRee accompanied them on their trip and filmed a full report. Below is an short segment from that report.

Footage courtesy of KWTV News 9 (Oklahoma City)